Defense Ground Vehicle Solutions

Our mission is to provide complete, customer-specific solutions for sound, vibration, and shock problems in the North American defense market. From concept to fully engineered, manufactured systems – GLSV has a deep history of supporting ground combat vehicle programs through engineering, design, analysis, prototype, testing, and production.


Exhaust Ejectors

GLSV was selected by DLA Land and Maritime to supply spare exhaust ejectors for the M60 AVLB (Armored Vehicle Launch Bridge).

This armored bridge layer was designed to launch bridges for tanks and other wheeled combat vehicles across trenches and water obstacles in combat conditions. These particular exhaust ejectors, NSN 2990011461877, are utilized in scavenge air systems for diesel engines.

M60 AVLB Exhaust Ejectors

Stryker A1 exhaust

Photo courtesy of General Dynamics Land Systems.

GLSV + Stryker

Exhaust systems

GLSV was contracted to execute a development effort to provide a fully engineered exhaust system for the U.S. Army’s Stryker A1 armored fighting vehicle.

GLSV designed, engineered, prototyped and qualified the new exhaust system and successfully completed testing. GLSV customized the exhaust to maximize the acoustic performance for a tight space claim while meeting all environmental requirements, such as shock, vibration and temperature. GLSV currently is in full-rate production.

Compared to earlier versions of the double-hull Stryker, the upgraded Stryker A1 has superior engine power, which should result in greater mobility in combat. The Stryker A1 family has seven variants on a common vehicle platform: an anti-tank guided missile vehicle; commander’s vehicle; engineer squad vehicle; fire-support vehicle; infantry carrier vehicle; mortar carrier vehicle; and medical evacuation vehicle.

GLSV + Stryker

Cooling ducts

GLSV also was contracted for the design optimization, integration, prototyping and testing of a noise-attenuated Cooling Outlet Duct for the Stryker A1 vehicle upgrade. GLSV developed a high-performance solution for attenuating noise at the outlet. We currently are in full-rate production on the cooling ducts, concurrently with the exhaust system.

Stryker A1 cooling duct

Photo courtesy of General Dynamics Land Systems.

glsv + jltv

Exhaust Systems

GLSV was awarded a production supply contract for a newly developed quiet muffler onboard the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), built by Oshkosh Defense.  This muffler was developed in-house by GLSV, taking it from initial concept to a fully operating production line in 8 months.

glsv + HMMWV

Exhaust Systems

GLSV was selected by DLA Land & Maritime to supply spare exhaust mufflers for the HMMWV M998 vehicle fleet. Since the mid-1980s the high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle has been America’s tactical workhorse, in service around the world. GLSV is honored to be a key supplier to DLA, and we will supply exhaust spares through this Indefinite Delivery Contract for the next three to five years.

Powertrain Integration for the US Army

Exhaust Systems

GLSV Inc. worked with the US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) to integrate new powertrain technology that will set the stage to provide leap-ahead capabilities for the US military’s vehicle fleets. The technology demonstrator, known as the APD, includes an advanced combat engine, transmission, integrated starter generator, modular batteries, and thermal management system. The APD initiative began in 2015 to mature critical technology that could enable a more revolutionary future vehicle platform.

GLSV engineered, developed, integrated, and manufactured a custom exhaust system, cooling plenum, engine mount system, a mounting system for the controller, and mounts for the powertrain cooling system’s advanced heat exchanger. GLSV also integrated and manufactured all of the hull modifications for the demonstrator vehicle.

Turn-Key Solutions

Exhaust Systems

GLSV has specialized in the design and production of custom engineered exhaust systems for both Military and Commercial applications for over 23 years. Our custom solutions can meet stringent performance requirements, tight space claims, and accommodate complex transitions, with the ultimate goal of designing a durable, qualified exhaust system that is easily manufactured and producible.

Auxiliary power units

GLSV has supported the development of auxiliary power units (APUs) for several defense vehicle programs. We recently supported a program by developing, building, and integrating a range-extending power pack for a ground vehicle.

We also received a SBIR contract from the US Marine Corps to provide a common system-level approach to the development of quiet, high performance APUs for multiple defense ground vehicles. GLSV develops and optimizes our designs with our CFD, FEA, and acoustic simulation software tools to meet system requirements for size, weight, mounting, shock and vibration, thermal loading, backpressure, and acoustic performance.

Vehicle signature management

GLSV has a long history of helping our customers manage the acoustic signature of their ground combat vehicles. We use a combination of simulation software and analytical prediction tools, augmented by field testing to measure and collect acoustic data.

Our simulation models are used for transfer function modeling, which feeds into our proprietary vehicle noise budgeting software developed by GLSV. We use this software to develop noise/vibration budgets for concept vehicles, assess vehicle noise performance, and to assess the impact and effectiveness of different acoustic treatments.

Powertrain Isolation & mounting

GLSV supports several industries in high performance powertrain mounting and isolation system development. GLSV develops custom mounting solutions to perform in a fail-safe manner under severe environmental conditions and challenging space claims. All of our products and solutions are developed for manufacturability, assembly, and considerations for maintainability.

Thermal Insulation

Our thermal insulation solutions are complementary to our signature management and powertrain integration capabilities. GLSV uses advanced simulation software tools to accurately predict and optimize the performance of our thermal insulation solutions for exhaust systems and piping, engine compartment, and crew compartment applications. Our engineers design, manufacture, and integrate practical solutions that consider manufacturability, assembly, and maintainability.


GLSV develops advanced solutions for fans and associated ducting systems that are optimized for flow and quiet performance. Our advanced software simulation tools allow us to predict and optimize the acoustic and flow performance. GLSV’s solutions include active noise control systems, and our solutions are developed for robustness, manufacturability, assembly, and maintainability considerations.


GLSV has a long history with DoD tracked vehicle programs. We can design, develop, and manufacture track, suspension, and running gear components that may be optimized for weight, durability, noise, and vibration. Our analytical and software simulation tools allow us to take a system-level suspension approach to achieve quiet, lightweight, and durable track solutions.

GLSV has a deep history of supporting ground combat vehicle programs

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