Powertrain Isolation and Mounting systems


GLSV supports several industries in high performance powertrain mounting and isolation system development. We use the latest engineering software tools, utilizing physics-based modeling and simulation for design exploration and optimization of system performance.

GLSV engineers each isolation system to meet several fundamental requirements. First and foremost, the isolation/mounting system locates and supports the powertrain mass. The mount system also reacts external and internal forces without interference, and isolates the external and internal forces.

Our advanced simulation software tools are used for design sensitivity studies, design of experiments, and optimization of the mounting system for NVH performance. An optimized system is achieved by properly locating the mounts, as well as designing the mounts to achieve the required isolation objectives. Each system is engineered to perform under severe conditions and provide fail-safe operation.

GLSV also designs each mount system for manufacturability, robustness, ease of assembly and maintainability, while meeting the program objectives for weight and cost.

The following PDF further describes our technical capabilities utilized in powertrain mounting development efforts.

(see GLSV Powertrain Mounting Overview 20160209.pdf)