High performance exhaust systems


Utilizing our extensive background in NVH and customized fabrication, GLSV has become a leader in producing robust, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our exhaust systems are engineered to excel in the most demanding environmental conditions.

GLSV delivers solutions that are engineered for optimal performance, balancing competing requirements such as acoustic performance and air flow/backpressure requirements. Our custom solutions can meet tight space claim requirements and accommodate complex transitions, with the ultimate goal of designing a durable, qualified exhaust system that is easily manufactured and producible.

In addition to being optimized for acoustic and flow performance, our exhaust designs are engineered using our suite of software tools to withstand shock, vibration, and burst pressure requirements; the exhaust is also engineered for thermal performance to withstand thermal stresses and to achieve acceptable skin temperatures; finally, the exhaust is designed for fatigue life and durability considerations.

GLSV supports vehicle prime contractors by executing exhaust system development for various defense ground vehicle programs. We provide a range of exhaust system solutions, including:

  • Tuned modular exhaust systems (standard shapes/features, tuned to performance needs)
  • Customized exhaust systems (tight space claims, maximum performance, complex transitions)
  • Environmental bench testing (shock, vibration, temperature)