GLSV Selected to supply LCM-8 Muffler Assembly

GLSV was selected by DLA LAND AND MARITIME to supply exhaust mufflers for LCM-8(NSN 2990-01-183-6649 ).  NSNs that GLSV currently supplies include:

NSN                                            DESCRIPTION
2990011883281                        HMWVV LONG MUFFLER
2990014334422                                     HMWVV TAILPIPE
2990014597376                                             AAV MUFFLER
2990014964023                      HMWVV FORDING STACK
2990014705979                                         FMTV MUFFLER
2990014113947                      HMWVV SHORT MUFFLER
2990011836649                  LCM-8 MUFFLER ASSEMBLY