GLSV awarded DLA Land & Maritime Production Contracts

Great Lakes Sound and Vibration has recently been awarded two new contracts to supply exhaust components to the Defence Logistics Agency.

DLA LAND AND MARITIME recently awarded GLSV 31 Exhaust Ejector (NSN 2990-01-146-1877) under contract number SPE7L0-18-V-5242.  This NSN is used on variants of the M60 tank including M60A1 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB).


Camp Coyote, Kuwait (Feb. 6, 2003) — An M60A1 Armored Vehicle Landing Bridge (AVLB) practices the deployment of its 60 foot bridge span, designed to quickly move heavy military wheeled and tracked vehicles over unstable or hazardous terrain. The equipment is being used in exercises being conducted as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Kevin Quihuis Jr. (RELEASED)

DLA LAND AND MARITIME recently awarded GLSV an additional 686 exhaust mufflers (NSN 2990-01-188-3281) under contract number SPE7L5-18-C-0020.  This NSN fits HMMWV M1025 , M1025A1 , M1025A2 , M1026 , M1026A1 , M1035 , M1035A1 , M1035A2 , M1037 , M1038 , M1038A1 , M1042 , M1043 , M1043A1 , M1043A2 , M1044 , M1044A1 , M1045 , M1045A1 , M1045A2 , M1046 , M1046A1 , M1097 , M1097A1 , M1097A2 , M1121 , M1123 , M966 , M966A1 , M996 , M996A1 , M997 , M997A1 , M997A2 , M998 , M998A1


Salah Ad Din Province, Iraq (March 22, 2006) Ð U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol. U.S. Navy photo By Photographers Mate 3rd Class Shawn Hussong (RELEASED)