GLSV supplying diesel exhaust silencers for the Offshore Patrol Cutter.


Offshore Patrol Cutter (

GLSV has been awarded a contract to supply diesel exhaust silencers for the OPC (Offshore Patrol Cutter) program.  The OPCs will conduct missions for the US Coast Guard in ports, waterways, and along coastal areas.  Used for defense operations, maritime law enforcement, search/rescue, and environmental protection, the OPCs will replace the Medium Endurance Cutters as a part of the USCGs Integrated Deepwater System Program which.  GLSV’s silencers are custom designed for airflow and acoustic requirements. GLSV designs and manufactures these naval exhaust silencers in accordance with strict welding and quality requirements and are produced and qualified to operate in the marine environment. The designs consist of various elements that include reactive, dissipative and absorptive features as well as spark-arresting and soot collecting functions.