Engine Dynamometer/Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

  • 11’ x 28’ Hemi-anechoic chamber exhaust extraction, air exchange, and closed loop coolant systems.
  • Large water brake (Taylor)
  • Small water brake (L&S)
  • Small Eddy Current
  • Medium Eddy Current
  • Land and Sea control
  • Super flow control with data acquisition

Powertrain Isolation

Characterization of powertrain vibration and powertrain noise problems as well as development of powertrain isolation systems.

  • Evaluation of powertrain isolation system performance under load
  • Noise source identification on powertrain components
  • Engine and powertrain sound power testing
  • Torsional vibration and dampers
  • Exhaust development, validation, and durability work

Performance and durability testing

Power and torque curves from 10 to 1000 + HP including extended durability runs and root cause identification of noise, vibration, and durability issues.