Hydraulic Systems


Static Hydraulic Test

  • Data collection and analysis of hydrostatic flow parameters such as
    • Pressure
    • Flow rate
    • Temperature
    • Cleanliness
    • Force
    • Position
    • Velocity
  • Durability and cycle testing
  • Custom circuits and control for hydraulic component functional and life test

Dynamic Hydraulic Test

GLSV has extensive experience in solving hydraulics related noise problems.  This includes laboratory facilities equipped with a hydraulic supply and acoustic facilities for understanding noise generation and propagation in hydraulic systems.  GLSV has an array of instrumentation and hydraulic components available for constructing laboratory tests that are representative of field installations.  We also have portable data acquisition equipment that can be used to characterized hydraulic noise on vehicles, ships, or in plants.

Hydraulic Noise

GLSV has experience and expertise in designing noise and vibration reduction solutions for hydraulic systems including silencers and tuned hoses, component noise treatments, and isolation systems.