Design Automation

Modular Design Automation

GLSV engineers and software developers utilize modular design automation to speed the development time of engineered products. Software is built to eliminate labor intensive tasks affiliated with design iteration. GLSV combines years of experience in developing engineered solutions with creative software development to introduce design automation technology to new products.

Modular Muffler Development

Design automation for modular muffler development includes automated design, analysis, manufacturing model and manufacturing drawing generation. Automating this process provides GLSV with the ability to create cost effective customized engineered mufflers with very short lead times. The result is a high performance cost competitive muffler designed and built for a specific application.

  • High performance
    • Engine power
    • Backpressure
    • Noise levels
      • SAEJ-192a
      • J2567
      • ANSI S1.4 1983
      • SAE J1287
      • MIL-STD 1474
      • MIL-STD 810
      • ISO 11820
      • ISO 3744
      • ISO 15619
      • ISO 11201
      • T12-0098
      • prEN 12053
  • Validated muffler modeling techniques
    • 1-D acoustic/flow modeling
    • 3-D finite element acoustic/flow modeling
    • Dyno testing
    • Sound measurement
    • Source Impedance characterization
  • Automated design cycle
    • Software developed with 1-D acoustic/flow modeling and Solidworks
    • Transition directly from concept to production

Depending on the application, GLSV can tune a muffler to a specific engine and operating point to reach optimal performance for the specifications at hand.

SolidWorks API Programming

Experienced developers in both VBA and C# for creating custom SolidWorksaddins, macros, and standalone software integration.

Software Integration

Can integrate various software to create more automated processes.

  • Leverage existing software
  • Decrease engineering labor
  • Increase productivity