Periodic Vibration Monitoring

Plant Monitoring

GLSV’s Plant Monitoring and Testing program utilizes state-of-the-art vibration analysis equipment which can often pinpoint a failing element of a piece of machinery in time to avoid catastrophic failure, costly replacement, and lengthy equipment downtime. Our extensive monitoring and testing program includes:

  • Set up plant equipment database
  • Organize a plant route
  • Monthly on-site readings
  • Monthly health reports

Emerson CSI 2140

Our Emerson CSI 2140 analyzer is efficient, fast, and advanced.

  • Four-input channels plus tach
  • Single axis/ tri-axis accelerometer
  • Standard Vibration measurements
  • PeakVue Analysis
  • Cross channel analysis
  • Slow Speed measurement
  • Bump Tests
  • Coast Down Tests
  • Rotor Bar Test
  • Motor Current
  • ODS Measurements
  • Onsite Balancing

Root Cause Identification

GLSV excels in identifying underlying issues that cause repeated failures including structural resonance, inadequate foundations, equipment interactions.

Eliminate wasted time trying to decipher equipment health and lean on GLSV to detect both hidden and developing problems. From pumps, to fans, to complex rotating systems, GLSV will develop a custom solution specific to your companies needs.