Standardized Tests


GLSV offers an array of standardized tests. Our core testing capabilities cover a variety of acoustic, vibration and thermal standards for anything from full vehicles to individual electronic components.

Test Capabilities

GLSV’s facilities include a 20 ft. x 34 ft. hemi-anechoic chamber and an 8,000 lbf shaker table to support testing to a wide variety of military and international standards. A 60 Cu. Ft. thermal chamber and Equipment Cooling Air (ECA) unit are integrated with the shaker table for combined environment testing between -100°F(-73C) and 350°F(177C).

Standardized Tests include:

  • ISO 3744 Determination of Sound Power Levels
  • ISO 15619 IC Engine Exhaust Silencers – Sound Power Level and Insertion Loss Measurements
  • ISO2631 Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration
  • ISO 5349 Hand Transmitted Vibration
  • Mil-Std 810 Environmental Testing – Component Shock and Vibration
  • Mil-Std 901D Shipboard Shock Testing
  • Mil-Std 167 Shipboard Vibration Testing
  • Mil-Std 202 Electronic Component Environmental Testing
  • Mil-Std 883 Micro-Circuit Environmental Testing
  • DO-160 Environmental Testing of Avionic Hardware
  • Mount Characterization
  • Acoustic Material Characterization

Running standardized tests is just a part of how we utilize our facilities and knowledge of NVH testing. Part of our core competency is offering complete solutions to noise and vibration issues through experimentation, analysis and testing. Our experimental capabilities and test services extend into the following areas;

  • Strain
  • Force
  • Mean pressure, velocity, temperature of gas or fluid flow
  • Dynamic pressure of gas or fluid flow
  • Thermal characterization of vehicles and machinery
  • Machinery vibration
  • Torsional vibration
  • Suspension dynamics