Shaker Table/Thermal Cycle

Combined Environment Testing

GLSV’s 8,000 lbf electrodynamic shaker is integrated with a 60 Cu. Ft. environmental chamber giving us the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of test requirements. Vibration testing can be carried out between -100°F(-73C) and 350°F(177C) with the option of thermal cycling at a change rate of 5°/min.

Shock and Vibration

GLSV specializes in troubleshooting and solving NVH problems for a wide variety of components and systems. We perform sinusoidal sweeps and random vibration on our shaker table to diagnose and predict vibration problems that may be seen in these components and to aid in developing the solution. We also offer an array of standardized shock and vibration tests for DoD and commercial markets. We have the in-house capability to design, analyze and build custom vibration fixtures that will guarantee accurate testing and valid data acquisition.

  • Shaker Specs
    • Force rating
      • Sinewave = 7,000 lbf peak
      • Random = 8,000 lbf RMS
    • Displacement = 1.0” pk-pk
    • Velocity = 45 ips
  • Component testing to;
    •  Mil-STD 810
    • SAE 1455
    • MIL-STD 167
  • Isolator mount characterizations
  • Root cause studies

Thermal Chamber

GLSV has a 60 Cu. Ft. thermal chamber with hot and cold climate capabilities. The chamber is equipped with an Equipment Cooling Air (ECA) unit that is designed to supply hot or cold air at specific flow rates to components undergoing testing in the thermal chamber. The chamber is integrated with our shaker table to do combined environment testing.

  • Chamber dims = 54” wide x 54” deep x 36” tall
  • Temperature range = -100°F(-73C) to 350°F(177C)
  • Temperature change rate = 5°/min average