GLSV supplying diesel exhaust silencers for the FFG-62 Constellation Class Guided Missile Frigate.

Rendering of USS Constellation (FFG-62). Fincantieri Image

CNO: ‘Very Important’ to Add 2nd Constellation-class Shipyard, Build 4 Frigates a Year – USNI News


GLSV has been awarded a contract to supply diesel exhaust silencers for the US Navy FFG-62 Constellation Class.  The frigate is a new multi-mission, small surface combatant, intended to operate in complex warfare environments requiring the capability to conduct a variety of different missions to support the National Defense Strategy across the full range of military operations.  GLSV’s silencers are custom designed for airflow and acoustic requirements, and are designed to operate in the naval environment to withstand shock, vibration, and other loading conditions. GLSV designs and manufactures naval exhaust silencers in accordance with strict NAVSEA welding and quality requirements.