Solid Modeling

Solid Models

GLSV uses strong engineering principles and the latest CAD packages to provide parametric solid models to meet or exceed your standards.

GLSV Design provides solid models for:

  • New Product Designs
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Fixtures and Work Holding
  • Existing Product Improvements
  • Cost Savings
  • Weight Savings
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • CAD Migration/Conversion
  • Analysis Models
  • Interference Checks
  • Space Claims

New Product Design

GLSV will create Solid Models of your new product, parts, or assemblies based on your specifications, or specifications derived through engineering analysis performed by GLSV Engineering Services.

Conceptual Designs

GLSV will create solid models of conceptual designs that accurately show the design intent without the expense of a fully defined and detailed model.


Product Improvements

GLSV will work with your existing CAD or hand drawings to model improvements or enhancements based on quality issues or customer feedback. Improvements can also be made based on engineering analysis performed  by GLSV Engineering Services for new designs or to improve existing designs that can reduce cost, weight, or be easier to build.

Engineering Drawings