Rigid and Flexible Body Dynamics

GLSV has the capability to study the dynamic behavior of both rigid and flexible systems ranging from a single body to large assemblies with many components. Kinematic behavior analysis includes rigid body modal determination, isolation analysis, dynamic and static force response, vehicle dynamics, drive train, and any other type of mechanical motion of bodies. GLSV uses physics based computer aided tools to model, simulate, analyze and optimize dynamic systems.

Dynamics Analysis

Using computer aided engineering, GLSV can analyze large rigid and flexible dynamic systems to determine system behavior. For example, the loads on complex assemblies where loading is unknown or difficult to determine. These loads can then be used in a number of analyses including structural FEA and NVH.

  • Altair MotionSolve and MotionView
  • Physics Based Modeling
  • Static/Dynamic Load Determination
  • Contact Analysis
  • Linear and Non-linear Forces and Moments
  • Constraints including joints and enforced velocity or displacement
  • Input Force to Output Force Comparison
  • System Optimization and Performance Improvement