Structural Test


GLSV provides structural testing for measurement of stress and strain in fabricated components.

Strain Gauging

Data acquisition systems available for strain and load date collection include LMS Scadas front ends with bridge completion cards as well as National Instruments CDAQ and SCC hardware for both static and dynamic strain data collection.

Data streaming to disk and online processing using Test.Lab and/or LabVIEW.

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Composites


Structural test is instrumental in assessing and improving product durability.

  • Low Cycle Fatigue
  • High Cycle Fatigue
  • Rain flow counting
  • Load profile/duty cycle development

Data processing performed in Test.Lab durability, Labview, Hypergraph, and Matlab as well as Altair Partner Alliance products including CAEfatigue Vibration, nCode DesignLife, and FEMFAT.


Failure Analysis

Test plan development in support of load derivation, component stress measurement (bending, shear, torsion)  includes gauge locations and arrangements.  Structural analysis results influence test planning, and structural test results are used to validate structural analysis models.

Rosette processing for principle stresses and strains.

We can suggest the best modifications and design alterations to reduce over stressed components to help eliminate problem components.