Exhaust Systems

GLSV specializes in the design and fabrication of prototype and low volume metal custom engineered exhaust systems for both Military and Commercial applications for 20+ yrs. Utilizing its extensive background in NVH and customized fabrication, GLSV has become a leader in producing robust, cost-effective solutions for its partners GLSV exhaust systems are analyzed and engineered to excel in the most demanding environmental conditions known.

GLSV supports vehicle prime contractors with executing exhaust system development for various defense ground vehicles GLSV provides a wide range of exhaust system solutions, including:

  • Tuned modular exhaust systems (standard shapes/features, tuned to performance needs)
  • Customized exhaust systems (tight space claims, maximum performance, complex transitions)
  • Environmental bench testing (shock, vibration, temperature)

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Powertrain Mounting

Isolation System: Fundamental Requirements

  • Locate and support powertrain mass
  • React external and internal forces without interference
  • Isolate external and internal forces
  • Must perform under severe conditions and provide fail safe
  • Manufacturability
  • Robustness
  • Assembly/maintainability
  • Weight and cost must meet program objectives

Defense-Specific Engine MountingChallenges

  • Power Dense Engine = Higher Forces reacted through less mass
  • Tight deflection envelope
  • Limited freedom/flexibility for isolator placement
  • Substantial mobility, transportation and shock requirements
  • Structural rigidity?
  • Hardware delivery while design is still in-flux
  • Aggressive exterior acoustic requirement, interior must be inhabitable

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