Predictive Maintenance

Improper and excessive vibration can indicate impending machinery failure and unplanned downtime, so trust GLSV’s predictive maintenance offerings to protect your equipment assets. From small operations to complex processes, GLSV has the knowledge and capability to handle all plant sizes. After undergoing a complete plant assessment, a monitoring plan is designed. Monitoring can occur monthly through a route based program, or an online system can be installed to provide real-time protection of ultra critical machinery assets.


Periodic Vibration Monitoring

Plant Monitoring GLSV’s Plant Monitoring and Testing program utilizes state-of-the-art...

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Continuous Vibration Monitoring

On-Line Monitoring GLSV is an integration partner for NI InsightCM™...

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Predictive Maintenance

“GLSV has proven to be a critical asset in our effort to improve plant efficiency and reduce costs. They have identified several issues with our plant equipment that has allowed planned and scheduled repairs to occur thereby reducing downtime and costs.”

– Matt Halonen, Osmose

GLSV Added Value

  • Additional Measurement Capability
  • Root Cause Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Engineering and Design Solutions
  • In-House Manufacturing